As stupid as it sounds

rogress is unstoppable. I’m not going to argue if we should strive for less, or if the society we’re building goes too fast for our own good. Because even if that’s so, we won’t be able to stop or even slow down progress. …

Unleash the power of physical animations

ve always loved how some games use animations that seem to generate naturally depending on the environment. Like how in Uncharted Nathan uses his hands to explore nearby objects when you pass by, or how in GTA you get these amazing reactions to collisions.

Human: Fall Flat

So, I started investigating procedural animation…


Creating experiences to be enjoyable is one thing, but building mechanics that deliberately exploit addictive behavior is another

ell, that’s kind of tricky question. Video games were born to be fun. Their origin lays in the sheer curiosity of the engineers that made them. They asked themselves whether they could make something fun from the boring machines of their time. And yes, they could.

But origin means nothing…

Sergio Abreu

Being curious.

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